When the global roar hushed to hum in 2020, my heart began speaking a dialect I’d forgotten. It invited me inward to both remember and resurrect every girl and woman I’ve been, in order to reclaim the one I now am.

With the guidance of a beloved coach and friend, I started dancing again, playing again, and writing my syllabled veins beneath bare flesh. I began to remind myself that my historical heartbeats shouldn’t be forgotten because they coexisted with pain. Because every heartbeat coexists with something.

I found myself teaching and training again-connecting with others in and through starts and stalls-and stepping deeper into the chitters and grunts of growth. I felt myself stretching into my own margins and extending from there: full body, full heart.

I now use my gifts of empathy and heart sight to help others remember and reclaim for themselves, through spoken, written, and movement-based mediums.

I look forward to remembering.


With heart,