I was lucky enough to spend the past few Saturdays in a beautiful space called Remember and Reclaim. It was like two hour, afternoon slumber party for the soul. There were tears, truths, dancing with abandon and so much space for us to explore the core of who we are, the ways in which we’ve denied or dimmed ourselves, and the way back to the root of who we are. Dani, you are a special being. I knew that long before this workshop when you sent me thoughtful messages on my bday and during my mom’s chemo. But it was such a privilege to be part of your first adventure of stepping into your destiny. My gratitude -yesterday’s theme- is matched only by my awe.


In Dani’s Remember & Reclaim Saturday series we are silencing that unkind voice and whispering sweetly into our own ears. Replacing criticism with encouragement feels much gentler and more human. I highly recommend it.

Look out for her next offering, she’s a gem.


I had only a vague idea as to what they’d be about. Yet, I was drawn toward them, largely, on the power of knowing bits and pieces of Dani’s personal journey…Dani, you see, was a dancer – ballet specifically -in an earlier iteration of her life. Yet… she never really stopped being a dancer…somehow, along the way, she lost contact with her inherent gifts that she could breathe and move…when I saw her dancing, something resonated. Something characteristic of humans who have gone on long divergent journeys to seek out and exhume the deeply interred beautiful beings they were all along. To see her dance again was to see a kind of raw vulnerability present only amongst the bravest..no, that’s not correct… such vulnerable bravery lies within all or us. It’s simply waiting for us to reveal it again.

So I found myself in a workshop with other souls who were likewise attracted to the emanating force that Dani was becoming. We drew maps of our souls, our wounds, our hearts. We shared deeply personal experiences that I think may have surprised even those sharing them. We breathed and flowed and danced… we moved in ways that I’m not even sure Dani suspected anyone would want to do. Yet, we did… we did with hearts whole and full. Dani is able to access, as an artist of movement, ways to tap into the deeper realms that we so desperately seek to engage. This is not a language of logic and order, but one of spirit, heart, and our core selves – the homes of our genuine selves. It’s a kind of alchemy… damned if I know how it works..it just does.


Remember and Reclaim was an opportunity to return to and explore pieces of myself that had been long forgotten or silenced. The use of writing, drawing, and movement provided space to dive deeper and step out of my comfort zone creatively and personally. There is tremendous power and healing in knowing we are not alone in our most vulnerable thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Dani beautifully holds space for open-hearted sharing and connecting amongst participants allowing for personal and collective growth.


Dani’s acute sensitivity and passion for writing, for dance, for art and inclusivity made this a very wonderful workshop, worthy of one’s time. Her overall beauty and gentle spirit encourages grace, inspiration and warrants your attention. I would highly recommend!!💖💖💖


I met Dani through an online retreat and what was abundantly clear, even through the computer screen, was her bright inner light and her loving energy. Those two qualities set the tone for a group experience that encouraged us all to be vulnerable and stand in our truth. Being in Dani’s space each week gifted me with the time and community support to dive deep within myself – to uncover, remember and begin to reclaim ❤️

Not only will you benefit from setting aside the time for you, you’ll also enjoy the beauty of being a part of Dani’s orbit and open heart.