Remember & Reclaim

In Remember & Reclaim, we ask What have you forgotten to remember? because “forgotten” things are never truly forgotten. 

Were you an overalled artist who painted boldly?  

Were you a performer?

 Were you a fearless tree climber? 

Were you a bullfrog whisperer?

Who were you?

And who are you now?

Who: You, that’s who!

What: Remember & Reclaim is a 3-week, 6-hour virtual dive into the not-so forgotten.

We define heart dialect and learn to summon its sugars. We turn up creativity and play. We gaze inward. We sit in harm and heart things/places. We rehome pain. We learn how we become our own mob. And our own love. 

We laugh. We cry. We MOVE. We hold. We are held. 

When: Forthcoming

Where: Zoom (plus private Facebook group)

Why: We get a counted number of heartbeats. You deserve to live each as your full-bodied and full-hearted you.

Belonging/connection  (How they motivate and move)

Fear (How it keeps you from becoming you)

Creativity/Play (We are creative/playful beings. Remember the sandbox, the cloud art, the forts?!)

Good versus true (How good tames and true frees)

Body borders (You are more than skin stretched over bone)

Remember → Resurrect → Rehome → Reclaim

Have a heart and use it for good.

Safeguard the shares of others.

Allow the A to Z’s of emotion. They will come.