The Secret Keepers

My friend and recovering Secret Keeper, Karen Perry, has written a heartrending account of childhood sexual abuse and its tentacles of secrecy and shame. My comment to her post was this:

“Thank you for this…and for declaring: You’re not alone and you don’t have to be a secret keeper anymore.

I decided, just yesterday, that I will finally be writing a piece about my rape. I have never done so, but was asked to submit to another site and that is what’s been heavy on heart and soul. I’ve been so scared, for so long, to let my hands write out the words of acts done to me. I’ve been so scared to let myself sit in that truth and yet know…that I am a survivor. That I have worth. And that those soul-searing thrusts didn’t make me less, they made him less.

Thank you for your courage, Karen, and for helping me find my own.”

I never ask, but please share this, dear reader.  It’s important that we are Secret Keepers no more.  It’s important to those who suffer(ed) abuse (and for those who love them) to not only survive…but to thrive.

With heart, healing and hope,

Heart connections happen through comments. Please leave yours here.

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